piero stabiumi Architect Piero Stabiumi
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I was born in Brescia on the 27 May 1970, in a house of builders. Grandfather Severino, after the war founded the building firm which passed into the hands of my father Giovanni. The natural evolution was for me that of becoming a graduate builder; and so it was in 1994 that I graduated in architecture at the Faculty of Venice having really clear in my mind my aspiration : creative architect. On one side a privilege and on the other a difficult adventure, that linked the passion of design with the culture of construction and doing: one starts from sketched idea, tested, rethought and redesigned, then onto the site, a place where everything moves and takes shape: today you see a pile of sand and bricks, tomorrow you see a house that stands by itself where people live. In 1994 I opened, together with my architect friend Massimo Guerrato, the architectural studio that carried me, from 1995 to today, conceiving and building homes, industrial complexes, office tower blocks; a race scarcely begun and a challenge to the future.


massimo guerrato Architect Massimo Guerrato
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My family is from Veneto, migrating to Brescia in 1970 where I was born on 15th July from the outset I amused myself experimenting with paper models spurred on by my father (an artist by vocation). From the earliest studies I glimpsed the road towards that world, that in part used to frighten me, but with the passing of time gave me drive and security. I graduated in architecture at the Faculty of Venice (IVAV) in 1994, where I met Piero Stabiumi, companion in arms. In 1995, using our strengths began our determined challenge to constantly seek new techniques, materials and shapes to experiment from paper to model, emotional creative experience, to the site "extraordinary terrain of discovery". From 1994 to today I have had the good fortune to fulfill creations sweeping from the residential field, to industrial complexes, office tower blocks and conversions.


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