progetto a Polo Occidentale Bucarest  - Rumania
Customer: Immobiliare V quattro S.p.a.
Designers: Arch. Piero Stabiumi e Arch. Massimo Guerrato
Building agent : Tivierre costruzioni

Industrial Park developed in a traditional industrial area of 300,000 mq in Bucharest.  The project is ambitious as it foresees the complete urbanisation, of roads and all utilities, the achievement of industrial warehouses and office blocks with annexed services of prime need (call centre, conference rooms, translation company, etc.), The whole to give to new international investors certainty and guarantee of work. The warehouses have supporting structure and the panelling in reinforced concrete.  The supporting structure of the roof instead is in iron to lighten the load and to comply with stringent earthquake regulations.


progetto a Forum   Brescia  Italy
Cutomer: Antares S.p.a.
Designers: Arch. Piero Stabiumi e Arch. Massimo Guerrato
Building agent : Geom. Giovanni Stabiumi

Forum is a multifunctional complex that brings together small business and office space with big international companies (banks etc. ). All developed in an area of 45,000mq in the heart of modern Brescia, all born and constructed with the hard work of man, to give to the city new outlets and new opportunities. To contrast with the new building of Banca Lombarda (project of Gregotti Associates), which expresses power and monumentiality. Forum intends to place itself as a spacious and relaxing system, sensitive to rapport with it's inhabitants. To this end the constructions have a maximum elevation of four floors which expand horizontally; the external appearance is characterised by the covering in terracotta tiles that gives the appearance of a warm and natural colour. But behind the attractive appearance is an innovative solution : the facade covered with ventilated Clinker panels (separate thermal and acoustic controls). A further innovative aspect is that of having introduced new living styles (lofts ) for the living areas, and the utilisation of completely transparent glass for buildings and offices giving the image of activity with people busy at work. One creates in this fashion an integration between external and internal, a game of figures and prospectives that enhance the visual. Particular attention has been given to the internal curtains in the private courts, which are green and the blinds towards the piazzas that are an intense yellow, colours that inspire joy, lightness and luminosity.

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